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Not only do our customers love Bar Keepers Friend, but so do these popular brands. Whether it’s making your cookware sparkle, treating a stubborn stain, removing rust, the list goes on and on. Bar Keepers Friend can cut through your worst grit and grime in no time at all. When we say “Once Tried, Always Used,” we mean it. Find out what the fuss is about below.

“We recommend cleaning your All-Clad with a product called Bar Keepers Friend.”

“For hard to clean stains and residues, we recommend … using a green Scotch Brite® Pad and Bar Keeper's Friend cleanser.”

“If any surface discolors or rusting appears, clean it quickly with … Bar Keepers Friend.”

“Elkay has tested general household cleansers … Bar Keepers Friend”

“To remove stubborn stains, use a cleanser like … Bar Keepers Friend

“Products to consider for rust removal … Bar Keepers Friend”

“To remove any markings from grease, oil, tape adhesive, crayons or paint, or marks from plastics that may have come in contact with the glass … apply a small amount of a nonabrasive cleaner such as Bar Keepers Friend …”

"For deeper cleaning and to remove stains: Use Bar Keepers Friend to clean difficult stains... Add Bar Keepers Friend cleaner as directed, using a small amount of water. Scrub vigorously for several minutes and then rinse. Do a final wash with dish soap, rinse, dry and lightly wipe with oil."

"Our biggest secret weapon? A powdered product called Bar Keepers Friend. We use it on everything … really cuts through grit and grime. It cleans glass-top stoves, counters, toilets, porcelain and more. Your sink will never be shinier.

"Everyday Essentials: Bar Keepers Friend … makes faucets, tile and cookware sparkle and removes mineral stains and rust marks with minimal muscle."